Are you an athlete who wants to achieve peak performance? Are you a coach who wants to add leadership training or mental training to your athletes’ repertoire? Maybe, you’re a parent looking to help elevate your child’s sports performance?

If so, I can help! I offer a few options that will help.

◊ Individual Consulting: I sit down with an athlete or performer one-on-one to help identify any performance related issues that may be present, and together, we find ways to remedy those issues to help overall performance.

◊ Group Consulting: Usually designed for teams, I meet with the entire group to determine what the needs of the team are, and work with the team as a whole to achieve effectiveness together. This can be achieved through team building exercises, conflict resolution, development of the person, leadership training, and much more.

◊ Speaker: Are you looking for a speaker? I am available for your workshop slots, coaching education talks, and for workshops catered towards you!

Here’s a list of topics that may be covered.