When was the last time you told a story? Most likely your answer is today. I love storytelling, and we do it on a daily basis. The importance and the fun that comes with storytelling is irreplaceable. A few weeks ago, my significant other and I went to dinner and drinks with another couple. We laughed so hard that night. Part of the reason was our combined efforts to keep wanting to tell stories. I asked how the other couple had met, and after hearing the story with both of them inputting missing information to each’s other’s accounts, I realized the art of good storytelling is to help set your partner up. Just as in the rules of improv, you are aiming to make your partner look good.

We use storytelling every single day. If you’re at work or school, and someone asks about your weekend, you proceed to tell them a story; if you’re out with friends reminiscing about fun times, you tell them a story. And, when you share information with others, you tell a story. My favorite part of storytelling is the genuine emotion. Listen to Kevin Hart or even Gabriel Iglesias tell a story during one of their standups. Either comedian often tells stories that elicit a fun experience, and always pairs with true, raw emotion. Both of them and so many of us, laugh at our own stories, which spread to the individuals listening. Here’s what I mean about great storytelling. Be mindful that there may be some inappropriate themes and words used:

One of my favorite podcasts is called “The Moth”, which is a storytelling podcast. Each week the podcast has a different theme, and individuals wishing to tell their stories at the event have the ability to take the theme and run with it. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check it out!

The next time you tell a story, ask yourself what makes that story so great. Is it the memories that you remember, the way you tell the story, the people involved, or is it the love of the art of storytelling?

Tell a story and make it count.

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